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Never be left without heat when Boiler & Water Heater Repair is ready to help. For over 15 years, our company has been serving the community with professional boiler service. We can do a boiler fix, water heater repair Chicago regardless of your boiler’s age or model.

Trust our experts for other boiler services too, from boiler repair Chicago to our full boiler replacement. We’ll do it right to make sure you have the heat you need.

Plus, we are not only a boiler service, because we also handle furnace repair Chicago. New or old, your furnace is in good hands.


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Boiler Repair

We have highly experienced professionals that can quickly and efficiently take care of your boiler repair Chicago. We understand every aspect of a boiler, bringing you great expertise.

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Boiler Installation Chicago

Don’t be left waiting for your boiler installation in Chicago. The experts at Boiler Repair Chicago can be there when you need us to complete your installation for you.

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Boiler Replacement Chicago

Our team is extremely proficient with boilers. We are able to expertly remove your old boiler and provide you with the boiler replacement in Chicago that you need.

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Water Heater Repair Chicago

When you’re left without hot water, it can be a big hassle. But we are the name to remember for fast, reliable water heater repair Chicago.

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Boiler Maintenance Chicago

Book a maintenance check to have your boiler serviced. Regular checks will keep your boiler running efficiently and enable us to identify any small issues before they become expensive problems.

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Furnace Repair

Where it comes to furnace repair Chicago, we are the company to call, we will quickly and efficiently repair any problems and have you warm and comfortable again, all at affordable prices.

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Furnace Installation Chicago

If you need to replace an old furnace, or if you are buying a new, modern one for the first time, trust us to carry out professional expert furnace installation Chicago.

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Commercial Boiler & Furnace Service

It is a necessity to have your boiler and furnace regularly professionally serviced, to keep them working effectively and efficiently; keeping your business environment comfortable for your staff and clients.


At Boiler & Water Heater Repair Chicago, you can count on us for more than boilers. We are here to help with your entire HVAC system. Have a comfortable home any season. Make sure your summers are kept cool with our professional air conditioning installation and repair while we provide your water heater repair Chicago. We have all your bases covered. Not everyone needs boiler maintenance in Chicago, that’s why we also offer all kinds of furnace installation and furnace repair Chicago services. We can keep your furnace blowing throughout the entire year.

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Why Choose Our Boiler, Furnace & Water Heater Repair Chicago Service


Our expert servicemen have 20 years experience servicing, repairing and installing furnaces and boilers. They are qualified, certified and conscientious.


Excellent customer service is our priority. If you're not satisfied, neither are we! Call us, we are here to help.

Quality Materials

Dealing with quality products, you have to use quality materials, our materials are the best quality, from the best manufacturers.

Affordable Price

We try to keep our price as low as possible, to give you the best deal and the highest savings.

Professional Team

Our team is here to help, whatever you need, to answer any questions, or to give you professional, honest advice.

24 / 7 Support

Our 24/7 support team is available for those unexpected emergencies. we will be there, ASAP, to solve your problems.

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